'Painting the Roses Red''


Wow! I haven’t been on in ages!

Wow! I haven’t been on in ages!

So, hi guys. Happy New Year I suppose.

It’s a new year of school, and I have new friends.

Even though they are really mean to me :c

They steal my stuff and drench me in water bottle water. *sigh*

But any way.

It has been raining like hell here lately.

It’s not raining right now, but it has rained an

awful lot. There has been flash flooding and stuff and school was cancelled!

Sort of… :c

I still had to go, but all my big ass friends didn’t. So i was like one of the only

girls there! Lol! These dudes cam like halfway through the day, they obviously

thought school was cancelled. ( if only! ) And they were playing soccer on the

oval. HAHAHAH!


Every time i feel sad, I read harry potter



I DONT know why, but, when harry and cho kissed

wait for it

wait for it…

waait for it…

I laughed





My New Found Love

My new found love, White Collar series, i cant wait for the new season 😀


Nipple Sucker D:<

Corpse Bride <3